My Cougar [Part. 7]

When we got to the club she was looking around for her friends and my eyes were set on this other group of girls that were chilling on the other side of the club, they were looking great plus they were beautiful too and as I was busy undressing them with my mind she pulled me and said “I spotted them, let’s go.” We were passing some pretty fly ladies on the way and as a guy I couldn’t help but look at them which made the woman I was with very jealous, she kept slapping my hand every time I was looking at them for long. On our way to the table her friends were sitting I got stopped by this other friend of mine I go to school with and we had a young chat. Mamello gave me signs of where I will find her sitting, which I didn’t take to the head told myself the club is small I’ll eventually find her. After the talk I had with my homie I was walking the same direction I last saw her walk and to my surprise she was seated with the same girls I was eye balling when we walked in the club, knowing myself I wouldn’t have been able to resist myself in front of those beautiful women. I was gonna be all talk and they would like me since I’m a smooth operator and the lady I’m with was going to flip out and be all sorts of jealous, and I was not planning to make her mad. So after a few seconds of rumbling with my thoughts I arrived at the table and she told me to sit next to her. Just a few seconds seated they were all talking about me like I was not even there, asking her all sorts of questions like: Who I was? How did we meet? How long have we known each other? And there was one question that made me laugh this other chick asked my lady if she didn’t mind sharing me. Really now? Sharing? Well the idea sounded nice plus the girl was on fire too plus we’d have some threesomes or something like that but that was all just fantasies of a young guy. She looked at the girl and told her they could share anything but her man and my high hopes dropped like a bird that was shot in the sky. They all laughed about it and later asked me to introduce myself which I did and one girl said she likes my voice, something I didn’t get was that we were in the club and there was just too much noise how could she hear my voice properly unless she was interested in the lame, well I’m just thinking out loud you know how us guys can be. Anyway I faced my woman and she had this disgusted look on her face. Her face was so skewed like she had a shot of vinegar so I knew I had to do something that would get all these girls away from me so I tapped her shoulder and when she looked at me I just went in for a kiss and told her I love her. Well I have to say that just made sure that order was restored and it was “Hands off Me” for the night. I wasn’t really comfortable with sitting in a table full of ladies and guys just come through and start making conversations and I’m just there sitting like a gay friend who tagged along to a girls night out. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against gay people they are… great. Yes GREAT!! Girls love them, all I’m saying is that I just had to get away from my woman and go enjoy myself since she was having a great night. So I just pulled her close kissed her check and told her I’m going to chill with a friend and she was all cool with it, guess she understood her man had to go, which I did.

I left the ladies table and I was on my way to the toilet when I felt someone hold my hand and pull me towards them, at first I almost cursed but then I thought maybe my woman had come back to tell me we should switch to another place or even better go home and just have fun. To my surprise that wasn’t the case, I turned around to meet a face I never wanted to see again. Ever had that one person that just hurt you to a point whereby seeing them reminds you of what they did and you hate them more because of it? Well that was the situation, I just happened to be pulled by my ex-girlfriend who seemed rather happy to see me and wanted to talk to me. Pissed as I was I decided why not talk with her and hear what she has to say to me, so we went out to talk and to tell you the truth I wasn’t surprised at all at what she had to say to me.


To Be Continued…


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