My Cougar [Part. 8]

When we got out this is how it actually went:
Her: “How have you been?”
Me: “I have been great thanks and yourself?”
Her: “Well I been missing you, didn’t you miss me?”
Me: “I did for a while but I moved on”
Her: “So you are finally over me huh?”
Me: “Cut the B.S woman what is it that you wanted to talk about?”
Her: “Look I am really sorry it’s just that my life hasn’t been the same ever since you walked out of my life. Yes I know I have done some things that killed our relationship and destroyed everything that we built. I just want to let you know that no other guy has ever come close to what you gave to me. I tried moving on several times but I just couldn’t because all the guys I dated weren’t you. All I ever wanted was you, nobody has come into my life and made me feel the way that you did. I know you might probably think that this is the beer talking but to be honest this is all me. I have prayed to God to give me one more chance at meeting you and just to let you know how I feel, I’m sorry it’s under these circumstances that we had to meet but I’m just happy that I found you and I expressed how I feel. I still love you regardless I know you are over me and you probably hate my guts but I would literally do anything to get back with you again.”
While she was saying all this, tears started falling from her eyes. This reminded me of the time we broke up, when those pretty brown eyes were filled with water and her light caramel skin was not the same anymore. See I would be lying if I said her speech didn’t touch a special place deep down in my heart. But I had to snap back to reality and remember how she hurt me this was a moment I call “EXtoLOVER”, allow me to explain this weird term:

It’s just that moment when your ex sees that you are actually doing better in life and you’ve moved on and now that they lost you they desperately want you back in their life because the people they tried to replace you with didn’t give them what they were looking for.

So the chick was standing with me outside crying her heart out expecting sympathy from me which she got a bit of. Dating the girl made me realize 2 things:
1. I wasn’t her only guy
2. It showed me that she is an easy target. Every guy that smooth talks her will end up in her bed.
So while she was busy talking and crying to me one dude came out of the club and when he saw us he immediately approached and in my mind I thought he was going to start a fight and think that I am trying to take his woman away from him, but that wasn’t the case he was just the girls brother and wanted to know what’s wrong. The chick explained and the guy was really happy to finally meet me, he told me that after me and his sister broke up I was the only thing she talked of and this is when it was a family gathering. Somewhat of a plea that I take back his sister even if she had to be my second option he don’t care his sister truly cares for me. I tried explaining that I was no longer available but they weren’t gone listen to me so I was like
“Okay cool. Look lets meet up tomorrow and talk about this, this is not the right time or place to talk about such. So you just be cool and we will meet tomorrow, yea?”
She agreed and I went back inside straight to the bar to get a cold one. While I was sitting at the bar I felt this warm hand over my shoulder going down to my tummy, I looked back and it was the lady of the moment looking beautiful as ever but since she was intoxicated she just wanted to go right there. I told her to go and have fun we will leave soon and she gave me puppy eyes.

Ladies do you know how stupid you look when you are wasted and you try and pull that sad face to a guy that’s not drunk? Well I’m telling you now you should stop it. *laughing *
Anyway she came close to me, pulled me from my seat and started kissing me and trust me ladies and gentlemen this was no ordinary kiss. This was one of those “Let’s get a room and pull a quickie” kind of kiss. I had to stop her because you don’t just do such things in the club. After that she walked to her friends dancing and it looked like she was having the time of her life. I turned back to find a group of girls looking at me, in my head I was thinking that they are looking at someone else so I just ignored them and went back to my beer, which I did but I had that feeling that they were still looking at me so I looked over and they were there still starting at me. I wanted to ask what’s their problem but I figured I won’t be the one to do such if they want to talk they will come over and say whatever they wanted to say. You could tell the chit chat was about me and they were arguing about something so I just continued to ignore them, well this was until two of them decided to come over to where I was sitting. To be honest those girls looked really fly and they were noticeable all over the club I mean you couldn’t possibly miss the beautiful group of fine girls by the bar. They arrive where I’m seated and one was like “Hello, I’m Palesa and this is my friend Lebo” I greeted back and said the name is Chriztopher, I mean we in the club why they coming through to ask who I am. Anyway, they tell me that they have been eyeing on me ever since the moment I walked in and to show that they telling the truth they know my every move. This Palesa chick was like “I saw you walking in holding the phone looking for someone then you went to that table with chicks, went for the bathroom but your journey was cut short by this other girl you went outside with and when you came back you sat here and that lady came and kissed you then here we are” after she said all of that she said “I can’t believe I know everything you did ever since you got here, I’m really sorry but you so attractive and tasty I just made this whole conversation awkward.” Which was true I mean they really had an eye on me. Wait here I am seated and next to me standing are these two fine women and I’ve only been conversing with one, Palesa, what is Lebo saying about all of this? The poor child was just standing here listening to her friend talk. I don’t wanna lie that instantly made me attracted to her than her friend. This sweet, beautiful and gorgeous looking woman who was acting all shy and I just wanted to find out what it is that has me so attracted to her but I couldn’t because this Palesa chick was showing some mad signs that she is into me and she was more than proper but her talking a lot just was a bit of a turn off for me. So I switched my attention to Palesa and I said “Ever since you got here you haven’t said a single word, I can tell that you shy but you can’t honestly be intimidated by someone you don’t know. Well that’s unless you think I’m awesome and you already have a crush on me. Crush at first site maybe?” after I said that I saw her friends face changing at the very same moment, you could tell that she was angry I cut her off and put my focus on her friend. So the chick replied and said “You know for someone who has a girlfriend you sure are a smooth talker. You swept me off my feet before I could even say a word, you must be able to get any girl you want the way you know how to get around a chick” and then she laughed.


To Be Continued…


My Name Is Chriz Raymond And This Is My Story .


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