Hurt, Heartbroken & Hatred

This is a story about a girl who met a guy when she was 14 years old…She fell in love with him the very first time. They started to know each other but that beauty of a guy turned into a monster.
I’m gonna refer to the guy as “Sean”.

I met Sean on the 10th of April 2013 and I really started to like him cause he seemed to be this loving and kind guy but while that was happening I was in a relationship with another a guy but you know what they say “What he doesn’t hear won’t hurt him” so me and Sean went on and on till the 25th of June 2013 when my boyfriend saw the massages…I was confused but decided to stay with my boyfriend and decided to leave Sean alone.Sean was the only thing on my mind although I was with my boyfriend I just couldn’t get him of my mind although we never met like face to face,as time went on.

On the 20th of August 2013 I broke up with my boyfriend,he cheated and lied to me about he’s whole entire life 😦 but I didn’t show any emotion because my feelings weren’t actually in our relationship. I was weeping for 5days simply cause he lied and fooled me.

On the 25th August 2013 I met Sean for the first time..I only hugged him but that kinda meant a lot cause I was desperate for a hug,so we officially dated…Sean was the most supportive guy I’ve ever met. I got a chance to perform at a event and he was there to support me and at that event we actually had our first kiss :). Sean and I had a lot of fights,but we eventually tried to work things out,his ex tried to brain wash me about him and that didn’t work AT ALL reason being..I loved that guy…He use to say the sweetest stuff to me,always made me feel good about myself.

22 December 2013 was the best,we actually spent almost the whole day together,laughing,talking and just chilling and that was the last time I saw him that kind.

1st January 2014(Our real Break up)
Sean had to move to another town and I just knew he was gonna cheat on me,I know this sounds a bit insecure but I am we broke up the morning and the whole day was just sad I couldn’t handle it. I cried a lot that day and the mark he left in my life can’t be removed but the stuff he said to me after our break up is and will forever be UNFORGIVABLE,I guess I was just strong enough to handle that.

3months later…

We made up again and this time I really decided to put my hope in the relationship but I guess to him I’ll always stay senile chick,the one chick that will always be he’s rebound fling…I didn’t care if we DTR(defined the relationship) or not because just being with him made everything okay,and everything felt so right when it was actually wrong. So another chick came in his life and like always I was just left behind,so every time he came back to our town we started dating and God alone knows for how long and than break up but actually that wasn’t dating that was a “Crying Game” for me because I kept on crying and then forgiving him over and over again. Its true what they say “love makes you blind”.

This is a just a short story about a girl who’s been in denial,a girl who’s still crying and questioning herself,a girl who still wonders does he ever think of her,a girl who lives with hurt,who’s heartbroken and who has so much hatred in her and nobody will ever understand why excluding Sean.

If I could get a chance to say something to him I’d say this:

“Thank you for making me this wise girl that I am today,you opened my eyes”

You Left Me HURT,
And Most Of All With A Lot Of HATRED.

Written by: Vaughnay Hlahane

This Is #BrokenSilence
Let The Words Spray


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