Allow me to teach you how to love.

I am BlaQed!

I don’t know much about love but I know an awesome lot about teaching so would you allow me to teach you about love?

Mine will be the hand that colours the skies yellow if that’s what brightens up your day and if the clouds dare cloud in I’ll punch them right in the face reminding them of their place in our world.

Mine will be the voice that will whisper sweet nothings to your highly deserving self and if anything dares to bother you, I’ll simply sing it away with my terribly sweetened voice.

My eyes will be the map that guides yours into a world of laughter and happiness and if sadness dares to invade that space, I’ll simply smile it out of our world.

My words will be words that inspires hope into your thoughts and if my actions dare change how you feel and what you…

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