My Cougar [Part. 9]

So here I am blushing with this girl forgetting that my girl is somewhere around the club. To tell you the truth I had won this girls heart I mean I already made her smile just by saying a few words to her and growing up I was taught that

“If you can make a girl smile or laugh then you can make her do anything, unless she laughing at your manhood”
Okay that was to just lighten up the mood.

We started talking some more and everything went great, I had even forgotten that her friend was just standing over there. So Palesa said that she would like to sit down next to me coz she couldn’t catch what I was saying at times, so she sat next to me and pulled her seat closer to me to the point where our knees were touching. I could feel the intimacy in the air and in the background I could hear the voice of her jealous friend yelling “Let’s go. Let’s go, he only wants to sleep with you just leave him” but we didn’t care we were stuck in the moment. You know that point whereby you not saying anything anymore with the other person so you just there staring at each other’s eyes waiting for the other to make the first move so you could kiss? I was at that stage and in my head I had forgotten about our surroundings, where I am, my girlfriend and everything else my eyes were on the person in front of me. Just as we were leaning in to kiss her friend pulled her away and they walked away, while she was walking she signaled “Call Me” which was funny coz I didn’t have her numbers and I didn’t know where I would be seeing her again. I mean what did she mean by that, Call her? When? Okay forget when, how? Because I don’t have her numbers.

While I was busy thinking about a moment I just had with that girl I didn’t realize that my lady was standing right behind me looking at me while I sipped on my drink and smiled alone.


To Be Continued…


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