The River Of My Tears Has Run Dry

A lonely walk it was ,trying to match the footprints in my heart.

The same heart that was fumbled from the first time I learned to love.

I could still see the cracks underneath your fragile heart as well, I could have been there to catch you when you fell but I was caught up in the ideal that I had more cracks than you.

I was caught up in the ideal that love could never be the same

I felt at ease in the mist of your presence,I felt alive through your touch.

I saw a better me in your beautiful brown eyes.

I felt a glimpse of how love felt I almost forgot how it smells like.

How it tastes like.

It tasted like ice cream on a hot day.

It felt like sex on the beach.

It’s scent took after rain on a dry ground.

The love only my heart could relate to.

It would be scattered like snow dew if you were to give up on the foundation of the solid love we built.

I need you more than yesterday.

My perfect rose.

Be my perennial river because my river of tears has run dry. I lost me when I lost you my sweetheart.

Written by Manana Setsetse for Mr. And Mrs. Raymond

Let The Words Spray.


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