Dear Him

There’s just something about him..
Something that just got me all twisted in he’s game…

One last time is all I need…

I tried and tried to move on but there’s just something about him that makes me want him back even more,people may say I’m obsessed but they’ll only understand once they face the exact same situation…
Its so hard for me to tell him how I feel,so I stick around as a “friend” which is quite hard to do…I’m not gonna talk about the bad stuff that happened between us but I’mma talk about how I feel about him and I’m hoping that one day he might feel the same way about me…

One last time with him is all I need,I don’t care if he has someone else in his heart,I just need him one last time in my arms,because he will forever be in my heart…I’m so afraid to fight for him,to let him know how I feel…I honestly love this guy more than anyone else,and I mean MORE than anyone else,the only person I listen to,the only I wanna talk to,the only person who actually understands my crazy ass..but I knew that our relationship was to good to be true….his face is like a screen saver to my brain,I swear when text me I can hear he’s voice and he’s the first thought I get in the morning and the last thought at night…

I know the girl who’s lucky enough to have him,gives him everything I couldn’t..
I tried being the best girlfriend but during that time I never played the role of a real girlfriend so I don’t actually blame him if I mean absolutely nothing to him but I want him to know that no matter what happens,who he dates,who I date…He will forever be my one and only…

Dear him…remember that I’ll always love you

#Vaughnay Nay Hlahane

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