Dear Future Mrs. Raymond

It has surely been a while since I last wrote to you and I know you probably must be mad at me. I apologize and I truly hope that you will forgive me, its just that I have been having a really bad year and a lot has happened that put me off.

Anyway I hope you still doing great and life is treating you well. I’m not writing this letter to explain how I can’t be with you at the moment like last time. About that, I was just going through a rough time but its all different now.

See I have been doing a little introspection and I have been preparing myself for a day like this whereby I can tell you proudly that I AM READY. I have been working on myself making sure that I am the man you looking for, the guy of your dreams and that guy you willing to be with for the rest of your life.

You may be the girl I’m talking about or you may not be by the way I want to tell you about this other girl I have met.

She is just everything I have been talking about in these “Dear Future Mrs. Raymond” Letters. She is beautiful, visionary, motivated and I don’t have the words to explain how she makes me feel. Even writing about her now I am smiling alone stupidly, you would swear that its my first time being in love. She just brings out the best in me and all in all she just makes me happy, talking to her on a daily basis is just too great. I’m always smiling when I talk to her and she is always laughing when she talks to me. She is just too great and she is the girl I’m willing to be with for a long time.

Reading this you might be laughing and thinking it won’t last due to my recent relationships but I assure you this relationship is gone be great. Her name is the reason I think God sent me an angel.

Here’s a short description of her, her eyes shine like black diamonds and they not too big, not too small. Her smile is very contagious, if you could see her smile no matter how angry or how bad a day was/is her smile would turn all that around. Her curves won’t have you looking for a seatbelt on her jeans but I swear the junk in the trunk, what me and her call the Mercedes G-Class, (her behind) could have you wife her… And oh I say all this based on what I have seen on her pictures, and surely she does look like an angel in person. I know this because a friend said so.

You will have to forgive me if I’m making you mad or jealous speaking about this here fine lady but I don’t think I wanna go up and down searching anymore. What I’m looking for is closer than I think and she is the person I would like to call my Mrs. Raymond, because:

She is calm and a humble person
She is loving and caring
Mercedes Benz and Barcelona are bae (lol)
And most importantly she makes me happy.

So to you my beautiful African queen, its just a pity that we have just been texting a lot and not doing a lot of talking and meeting. I know you are reading this right now and you probably speechless, all I ask of you is just that you think about us the rest will take care of itself. Let’s build and just go big. I will be with you every step of the way, all you have to do is just say yes. I fell for you in just a short period of time because you let me in, you showed me what a wonderful person you are, you took me on a tour around your loving soul and I still wanna know you better. I want to know the corners of the soul, I want you to make me understand everything there is to know about you, I’ll give you all the time and attention you need to tell me. I can go for hours on end explaining my feelings and dreams for you but I’m saving that for another day.

Your know where to find me.

Your Future Husband
Chriz Raymond

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