Thinking About You

Just when I thought I was finally over you, I can’t help but see you everywhere. And by everywhere I mean, in my dreams, I’m starting to see a little bit of you in each and every girl I talk to, your smile, eyes and just every small thing that made you unique.

I’m starting to see people that look like you, I find my heart racing on almost a daily basis thinking that I might just see you knowing well that it isn’t possible and its not going to happen soon.

It has come to my attention that once you break up with someone, only then will you realize the small things about them that made you love them so much. Small simple things:

Their Scent

Today I passed this other girl who had the same perfume as you and my eyes started filling up with tears knowing that I can’t have you with me anymore

The Way They Say Things

I have met people who pronounced “Chriz” in funny ways “Grease” being the most popular but there was that only one girl that whenever she said my name I would just smile like a fool because she made me happy… Somebody called me “Tumi” the same way you used to, and I felt an arrow piercing through my soul as your face came into mind when they said my name. And now I’m bed thinking to myself how could I have become such a fool for not being open and there for you.

Their Smile

There is just something about your smile that weakened me, whenever I said something sarcastic and you would just smile and look away made me fall for you harder than I ever thought I would, too bad the harder I fell for you the harder you fell out of love with me.

Just going about every single detail I’ve been thinking about I get chest pains form all the hurt I’ve caused you. But I hurt myself more by hurting you. It was unfortunate that I only realized all of this when I lost you.

I knew what I had in you I just never thought I would lose you.

I Miss You, I hope you taking good care of yourself.

My Name Is Chriztopher Raymond And This Is #BrokenSilence


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