Have You Ever (Raging Emotions Edition)

Have you ever just sat alone and thought to yourself :-

“Why doesn’t this person see each and every effort I put in for them to realize I want them?”

“Why can’t they see I’m the guy/girl for them?”

Have you ever had a guy/girl tell you that they wish they had a boy/girlfriend like you? Someone who they can always rely on, someone they can always talk to, someone that no matter how bad something is they will never make you feel bad.

Isn’t it funny how the people we are most close to always want a relationship to be like what you two have but never love us in a way of being a couple?

As I lie on my bed during this load shedding hour, I can’t help but have a picture of this broad who loves me as a ‘friend’ and who I love as my ‘girlfriend’ pop up in my head.

I’m always here for her whenever she cries, I’m her pick me up. After talking to me she always feels better and has a whole lot of weight off her chest/shoulders. And yet she still runs back to the person that hurt her.

I’m always here for her whenever she is bored, I’m her favourite person to talk to because we can text each other for hours on end with endless topics and laughter. Yet she only texts me whenever she wants something from me.

I’m there for her in happy and sad times and all I get from her is

“If only I had a boyfriend that’s loving and caring like you do”

Like I’m right here and you always go around running and being hurt.
Have you ever thought that talking about your relationships with me hurts me?

Have you ever thought that I’m doing everything that I do for you because I Love You?

Have you ever even thought that I’m that boyfriend you been looking for?

NO!!! Because all you think about is you, nobody else.

My Name Is Chriztopher Raymond and This Is #BrokenSilence

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