Girls, Ladies, Women

Please don’t let a guy dictate how you dress or how you view yourself.

Men are men and even the most respectable man out there will have trouble forgetting that you beautiful women aren’t just a piece of meat.

Take pride in knowing you are unique and strong people. Know that you have self worth and you deserve to be treated like such.

No man should pressure you into anything and no person should make you feel less than worthy.

I apologise for being one of those guys for a while, I lost sight in giving you what you deserve. And I offer the biggest apology to a certain girl I hurt, you know who you are.

Just know ladies that its okay to say no. Its okay t hold your purity close and any guy who can’t respect that soesnt deserve you.

And if any guy or girl ever has any questions or just wants to vent. I’m here, I may not have all the answers but I will definitely have and open ear available.

Happy Womens Day to all the beautiful women out there. And ladies please put down the bleach, your skin is not dirt that needs to be cleaned out like yesterdays shirt. You are comprised of sienna, chestnut and warm mahogany. Dark as the night sky, constellations are tucked neatly under your bones. Your skin reminiscent of the hot chocolate that warms winter nights. Like rings around a tree stump, you too have history etched into your melanin.

Don’t let the glaring whiteness blind you from the beauty that you are.

My Name Is Chriztopher Raymond.

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