Not My Girl

I’ve always had a problem with beginning a story. Same as this one, I don’t know where to start it but then again I wanna tell you about it. So let’s take a trip down memory lane.

My Facebook account says me and her been friends from 2013 but me and her started conversing towards the end of the first trimester of this year. So I was still in pain about the rough break-up I just went through with this other girl who loved me a lot and I treated her badly but then again that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, I saw this girl post a “Selfie” and she looked like boiling lava, that’s how hot she was, a perfect 10 to be exact. So I went to her profile stalked her until I decided to inbox her. So before sending through my “Hello Stranger” text I was sitting and thinking that this light skinned girl isn’t gonna reply. How did I know? Experience, most light skinned girls I know have great knowledge of the fact that many guys want them so they ignore and curve guys that approach them.

Completely out of discussion but have you realized that most if not all light skinned girls have big foreheads? Wanna know why? Well its simple, every guy they curve feels a little heartbroken right? So that piece of their soul goes to the girls forehead. So the further the hairline is, the more guys they have denied or curved. Okay back to the story.

So I hit the “Send” button and continued viewing her photos. I received a messenger notification and it was her, I was truly amazed at the rate and the quickness of her response which simply read “Hey you :)”. Now if you ask me that’s sounds like ” I’ve been waiting on this text for a long time” but hey that’s just me, just because I think that way don’t do it too you might not be as lucky as me. Speaking of luck, we went pass the greetings and she gave me her phone numbers, WhatsApp numbers and her BBM pin and said she will wait on my text or call. You probably reading this and you think I’m a chick magnet, player and all that. (Lol) no don’t say that its just pure luck which ran out because my phone went swimming and drowned so I was left without a phone for 2 weeks, and the one I got didn’t socialize SMS’s and Calls only. So I took her digits from my inbox and kept calling her and that’s how we kept in touch, phone calls.

Remember the honeymoon phase of your relationship? Whichever one it may be, those moments you would be on the phone for a long time and y’all played that “No, you hang up first” game. Those moments where you would stupidly smile at your phone as soon as you saw your special someones name pop up. You do remember don’t you? In that case I don’t have to explain how our calls used to be, all I can say is that they were just too awesome. I’m even smiling alone when I think of those moments, the beauty lies in the details.

I finally found a phone that would get my social networking up again. She wasn’t really fond of the idea that I got a phone, not because we won’t call each other anymore, no that’s a bit obvious but you will/wont believe her reason for not being fond of it. Well its because she wanted to be the one who buys me a phone. At first I thought she was bluffing but then I realized she been asking me about my kind of phone during our conversations but I decided to just ignore it. We kept in touch same way as before, because apparently there’s something about my voice that turns her on,( *shrugs* ).

Time passed and we decided to meet, I was nervous but then I was confident in my charming way of speaking that I would sweep her off her feet. You ever fell in love with a complete stranger? Someone you just know from the internet but you click so much with them that you just wanna be with them forever? Well that was me as I patiently waited for her to arrive at our then decided location.

As I waited I couldn’t help but notice this other beauty that was about to pass me. I was so hooked on her that I completely forgot that I was waiting for someone but she didn’t pass she just greeted and asked to sit next to me she is waiting for someone so I said its okay as I was love struck. Her phone rang and I thought its her time to leave so my heart sank but then on the phone she said

“Girl you don’t know. I’m sitting right here and still nothing”

That is the time her voice started to sound more and more familiar. So while she was on the phone I rushed to facebook to see her pictures and there she was, I was sitting next to a girl I been speaking to for over 2 months and I didn’t even know her. Why, you ask? Well its quite simple, she looked better than her pictures. I was really mad at myself for not seeing this so I thought I should test her. After she hung up I asked who she was waiting for and she called out my name. Said ” A Chriz Raymond who doesn’t wanna show up, I’m about to leave”, I was a bit hurt that she didn’t recognize me but then the feeling might be mutual. So I said I think maybe you should call him. She agreed and while she took out her phone and dialed my numbers from the top of her head, stood up and walked in front of me for some privacy. My phone rang and I answered it with a smile because I had the greatest view from where I was seated, the back view and all I can say is that everything was in order, well packaged. After I answered all I heard was “excuse me Mr, but if you’re not here in the next 5 minutes you might as well forget about me” so I assured her I’ll be there soon and watched her go up and down stressing, looked back at me and said ” He’s coming”.

So I just had to take her out of her misery, texted her and asked what she is wearing. She texted back and said

“Grey top, boyfriend jeans and sneakers, you? And where are you?”.

My response was kind of priceless if I can put it that way I said

“Look behind you, see how that guy seated behind you is dressed like? I’m dressed like him”

And then I put my phone in my pocket so she won’t notice. She looked at me with that “What the hell face” walked to me and asked for my name, then I knew that the game was over. Told her I’m the guy she is waiting for and poor child almost strangled me you could see it in her face. My God did she look beautiful while she smiled and was shouting at me all I heard was ” I love you”, “Kiss Me”, “Give Me A Hug”, “Let’s go to my place”, “You’re handsome”, think I’m crazy? Well then I guess you haven’t been in love like I have been in love.

We hugged and I when we held hands I realized that I really am a dark skinned guy, we were like Ultra-Mel and Pudding, Chocolate and Vanilla, you get where I’m going with this? Good!!

We spent the day together and enjoyed it, talked of future plans and what happens with us from there on. I was really looking forward to a long term with her but that didn’t happen.

2 weeks into the official relationship and she was distant. We didn’t talk like we used to and I hardly ever found her when I called. She just went straight up “Light skinned” on me. Until one day I saw her posting stuff like “Phone calls with bae are the best” that time we haven’t spoken in like 3 days, call her and it gets ignored. So like she did I stepped back which is when she statred having display pictures of her and this other guy named “Bae”. So I decided to ask about them and the response was “I’m sorry but I’ve been with him before you so stay in your lane please”. And I did stay in my “Single” lane, and decided to cut ties and ignored her.

Last week she called me crying saying she missed me and wants to work things out with me, when I told her I’m not a rebound all I heard from the other side was something that I’ve always hated hearing from a girl.

The crack in their voice when they trying to talk but start to cry, so like a good dude I am at times I welcomed her, don’t jugde people deserve second chances. Things were back to normal on her side but I wasn’t giving it my all in case she begins with her ratchetry again. And she didn’t waste no time going back to the guy who was allegedly “Abusing” her. So as a guy who was taught the hard way to never lay a hand on a woman but to slice her Pretty Lil Heart with Razor Sharp Words I wrote her a short poem called “Untitled” (found on my recent posts).

Her response was “I’m sorry but I love him, take care of yourself. Again I’m sorry for everything I did to you hope you find a girl you’re looking for”, no amount of middle fingers could express the way I just wanted to shout out a big “FUCK YOU” to her but I stood calm. She didn’t play me but she is the one playing herself and she doesn’t even know it. All The Best To Her.

My Name Is Chriztopher Raymond And Mbali Was NOT MY GIRL.


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