To Whom It It May Concern : I Will Never Be Good Enough

As the day chases the night sky I wonder how wonderful life would’ve been if I didn’t do you wrong. As I sit here I can’t help but think which part is the best or beautiful, is it how the moon let’s the sun shine all day or is it how the sun lets moon light up the night sky. I’m here wondering what it is I could do to make things right but I also know that going back to how it all used to be would take more than a miracle. You make me wish I owned a time machine so that I can undo all the wrong I ever did to you, but then I wrote you this letter.

I’m man enough to admit to my wrong doings. And yes I admit I hurt you, I did you wrong and I apologize. One thing I did was hurt the girl I’ve been through a lot with for a girl that I’m probably never going to see again. I’ve brought so much pain, anger and most of all tears to your eyes sometimes it feels like I am not the one for you. But then again I’m Not Perfect, I’m A Fuck Up, to just be honest with you. I can’t believe I took a girl that would go through thick and thin for granted. I’m not proud of myself. GOD knows I sometimes felt that you were doing me a favor by sticking with me.

I always take people who really love and care for me for granted not because I don’t see their worth but because I’m so used to bad girls that I always expect the same from the woman I’m with. To tell you the truth when it comes to love, I’m always the last one to fall out of it, the last one left bleeding because I hardly ever cherish what I have.

My love for you will never die. I’m sorry I broke your heart. You were always telling me I should be open with you but in all honesty I was just scared to take you through the dark corners of my soul because I really don’t understand myself too, ain’t no other thing I’ve come across as difficult as my own soul. Whenever I’m pushed to talk its really hard because what happens in my head in my head and emotionally I can’t explain to anyone even myself.

I still love you and hope you forgive me one day because you hold a special place in my heart.

Have a heart that never hardens
A temper that never tires
A touch that never hurts
Above al be the heroine of your life and not the victim.

I Love You To The Pluto And Back.

But then again I Will Never Be Good Enough

Yours Truly

Chriz Raymond


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