Dear Future Mrs. Raymond [The 7th Letter]

Hey Beautiful

You will have to forgive me for not writing you something special this Valentines Day but I was just so soaked up in emotions that I wasn’t even thinking straight. Maybe its because I needed you by my side or I needed talk to you. But then again I hope this letter reaches you in time since I’m still looking for you.

Today I quote a beautiful song by the most talented artist I know.

He is a poet, an Emcee and just a great overall rapper.

He goes by the name Wale, and the song in question today is from “The Album About Nothing” its called “The Bloom (AG3)

In this song he is describing this girl aa a blooming flower. Same way I see our relationship once it stars.

I’m just going to pick up my favourite pieces off of it. So here it goes:

“Just let me hold you in a dark place/
And when it’s cold let me warm thee/
I know we both come from hard times/
Cause I’m aroused you a rose of the concrete/”

I will be your everything because I will make sure that i understand the struggles you’ve been through whether we talking about school, love life or just life in general.

“You don’t have to worry about comfort/
I’m the safest place that you wanna be/
No longer do you have to wonder/
Just open up and spread your wings/”

With me is where you belong and yes we have both been through a lot but I promise to learn from my past mistakes and just build with you.

My Name Is Chriztopher Raymond and I’m Looking For My Mrs Raymond



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