Yes. Sometimes We Pray

Sometimes we get so doubtful that we think it will never rise again.

Sometimes we get shut out by the ones we love and we loose our hope on forever being good in this life.

Sometimes we drink our problems away, well at least we think we do but the next morning we still broken and this time it’s worse because we have a headache and the song you where dancing to last night it’s still banging in your head and all of a sudden it all makes sense, it feels like the lady on the song was talking to you when she said “don’t give up”.

Sometimes we ge into so much trouble that we end up loosing ourselves, we try so hard to choose the righteous path but some things are easier said than done.

Sometimes we cry

Sometimes we even give up

But sometimes we pray

Sometimes we get driven and consumed by the spirit of greed, we fight, we curse, we cheat we steal.

Sometimes we regret the choices that we made

Sometimes we succeed and forget our humble beginnings

Sometimes we get so famous and disown our families, and spend our time and money with precious treasures that seem to know what’s best for us.

Sometimes we even feel like committing suicide because we simply can’t keep up with the consequences of our actions.

Sometimes we get consumed by greed that we even get lost in the path of finding success

Sometimes we loose our faith, we loose our religion, we loose the true meaning of being human

Sometimes we go to church to get blessed and listen to the preacher.

Sometimes we loose Faith because we belonged to the church for a long time but bad things still happen to us

But there comes a time when we put everything aside and we kneel down and close our eyes and we pray.

We don’t even need to know if the Lord is going to answer our prayers or if he even listens.

We just close our eyes and give in, we talk to this person that we feel he is the only one that’s going to listen this time.

We forget our worries and kneel down, we come face to face with our creator.
Yes sometimes we pray

Written By: Tshediso Ramone Abram Muofhe
For: The Life & Times Of A Young’n


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