Anxiety vs Love

By: Vaughnay Hlahane


Melanie (Main character)
Kim (Melanie’s cousin)
Chantelle (Melanie’s best friend)
Shadrack (Melanie’s boyfriend)
Katy (Shadrack’s other girlfriend)
Miguel (Shadrack’s friend)

This story is about teenage love.

It started with a request on Facebook, and let me say a simple comment…

I fell in love with Shadrack while I was dating somebody else which everyone thought I’d never leave for anyone or anything in this world, but I actually left him for that Shadrack.

As time went on my current boyfriend came across my chats with Shadrack. He realized that I am “cheating” on him. I had to cut all ties with my “one and only Shadrack”.

Things got tough. I got more confused and didn’t know how to handle the situation, but my Shadrack never gave up on me.

It was during the dusty season of August 2013, when I actually realized that I love Shadrack and that I should get him back in my life. One Saturday morning he text me. It is like he knew I was thinking him. I just needed my strength and that’s when I knew he was my weakness…My knight and till today he’s my hero, the one person that would never give up on me and I just hope he realizes the type of role he plays in my life. In this story he leaves me and comes back. I never stopped loving him. He completes me.

To Be Continued…


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