Untitled, Uncut, Not Edited, Raw

I once met a good girl
But at the time
She had a man yo
Said she couldn’t date me
But we can still be friends doe
Her boyfriend
Hated that kid bro
Treated her just like a hoe
Like she trash all on the floor
He cheated her
With every Fvcking chick
Then goes back to her
Like it ain’t nix dawg
All I ever wanted
Was to punch this kid bruh
But Im chilled
I ain’t with the shvt bruh
The mami game
Was hella proper
Wit the steeze yo
And sometimes I’d look at her
And just wanna hit boi
The fvckboi
Don’t care about her
He fvcks her
Then its back
To his cheating ways
He saw a dumb bitch
That’s on call at any time
I saw a dumb kid
That’s busy playing
Wit a dime
She always praying
That she break the cycle
Back at home
Daddy never ever cared
Mommy Fvcking everywhere
Showed her the light
And now the girl is really mine
She found me and knew
That I will always make her smile
I found her and knew
That I will be balling for life
Wont hesitate
To get a ring
Make her my wife
Called me
Her one and only
Her true lover
With me she never lonely
Coz I lover her
And see that
Was all I ever wanted
For her
One fateful day
Im kicking it
Having a jol
Then suddenly my girlfriend
Received a phone call
Its the hospital
Calling bout the fvckboi
Telling her he critical
The car he drove
A write off
She hung up
Broke into tears
Im looking at her
And now im really scared
I asked her what’s wrong
She couldn’t even
Say a word
Grabbed her bag and took off
Left me lying on the bed
I gave chase
Knowing that something is wrong
Caught up
Looked her in the face
And said what’s really going on?
She looked at me and said
I cant really talk about it
Its nothing major
So please baby
Don’t worry bout it
Got in a cab
And headed straight
To the hospital
She pacing in the hall
Coz his chances are minimal
10 minutes later
Homie didn’t make it
He lost alot of blood
And the doctors
Couldn’t help him
She went home
To find her mom with a new man
Locked herself inside her room
Grabbed a paper and a pen
To my dear mother
Im tired and I’ve had enough
I hope you find
A good man
No more new daddy’s Ma
My first love
Is in a better place
They say he was too drunk
And got into a drag race
He was drinking alot
Because of me
If I never left him
He won’t be in that space
He’d still be here
Brushing my hair
Kissing my face
To my dear true love
Chriz Ray
I just wanna let you know
Its been great
Thank you for all the love
And the cheese cake
I hope you find
A girl
That loves you as you did me
Yours truly
Well I can’t say her name
She pulled out a shoe box
With no shoes in it
All it had was a gun
She got in the streets
Tears running down
The cheeks as she held the piece
Said a prayer
And then she put the gun
On her head
A loud bang
Was all her mother ever heard
Ran to her room
And found her dead
On the bed


R – 57 (Highway To Heilbron)

Pitbuls InOh-Cents, D.I.G, Silly – X and of course myself Chriz Raymond came together and did a song called R – 57 (Highway To Heilbron). This track is just one of those dedication types of tracks. We basically just asking for the R – 57 (the route that goes from Vandas through Heilbron, Petrus Steyn & Reitz to Phuthaditjhaba) to take us home safely.

I wrote this post just to share what I said with y’all. My verse is as simple as asking for you to go home and arrive safely without coming across an accident just so you can enjoy the Festive Season with your family, loved ones and Friends.

My Verse goes:

R57 please take me home. I know you good with wrong turn’s but let them be gone. Let them be gone. Please let them be gone.I just wanna hit the Pave and have a good time. Maybe then I’ll find a dime, or someone to climb. Take home for the night with no fights. Turn off the lights then it’s bedtime. Grind, grind like it’s overtime. Hit laangdam and get turned up. Sippin on purp in some double cups. Big Ben’s crib for some chilled vibes. Then we outta there you know what it is. Ain’ no place like my hometown. Coz everytime i’m there I know it’s going down. We quick to stab if you got a big mouth. That’s where I’m from, that’s what we about. But then again ke shapa stena. and these other lames haba tlong tena.